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Mobile App Update Tuesday, August 9!

The Service 1 FCU mobile app features new tools and other enhancements, all designed to make banking on-the-go more convenient!

Key areas include:

  • new welcome widget | quick access to your full account summary and instant certificate and special savings account opening plus and loan application
  • enhanced profile menu | with centralized security and login history, and a personalized "jump" experience for switching between accounts
  • improved full account summary | more detailed information such as loan payment info, certificate maturity dates and more
  • cards widget (debit and credit) | see balances and payment due dates at a glance, as well as quickly access card controls
  • loans widget | view payment due dates, see current remaining balances and make quick payments wherever you are without navigating to your full account summary
  • card controls | self-service options for locking/unlocking your card(s), set-up of push notifications for transactions, and card-specific activity viewing—toggling back and forth makes it a breeze!
  • easy authentication | utilize the quickest and most secure login methods available for the newest devices: biometric authentication using facial or voice recognition in addition to tried-and-true username/password or PIN methods

If your apps are set to update automatically, you'll be able to use the enhanced Service 1 FCU app immediately! If your app doesn't automatically update with all of the great new features, you may have your preferences configured for manual app updates. Simply select the Service 1 FCU app in your device's settings and choose "update."

For assistance with the mobile app update, consult the support pages corresponding to your device's operating system:

For additional details about the app update, contact your nearest Service 1 FCU branch or reach out to our Member Service Center at (800) 879.9697. We're excited to go with you, wherever you roam!


Destination: Technology Upgrade

Electronic banking tools have reached new heights! Explore the exciting new direction of It'sMe247 Online Banking and the Service 1 FCU mobile app, and get on course for more convenience with new options, features and sleek, modern navigation. Your journey begins here!

Your money management journey made easy with all-new technology; chart a course with your device today

Reach the summit with new features and tools

Favorite Accounts
Customize your view, prioritizing your favorite accounts so you see them first. 

Favorite Features
Just like favorite accounts, set up camp with the features you use most—like quick transfers, text banking, Online Bill Pay, and more—so they're readily available. 

Quick Access Menu
Access frequently used banking features instantly with the new quick access menu in the desktop environment. Found in the left margin, features like branch information, loan application, the message center, electronic account statements and convenient mobile links are right where you need them.

Search Transaction History
Use the new flyout menu to tap "Account Details" and find recent transactions using the new search box: enter an amount, part of the transaction description, a check number, or any other text that appears in the transaction list to find all matching items. Tap the "Advanced" button to choose from a list of common transaction types, or specify a dollar amount range. 

Member Messaging
Notifications—such as important messages from Service 1 FCU, electronic document alerts, password change reminders, pending ACH deposits, and special offers just for you—will scroll just above your "Favorite Accounts," so you'll never miss information you need to know! Your messages are also readily available by tapping your profile photo and selecting "Message Center" from the options.

Pending Direct Deposits 
If you have a pending ACH deposit, a Member Message will appear just above your "Favorite Accounts" to let you know that your money is on the way! PLUS, if you need the direct deposit faster, we'll let you know if the pending deposit is eligible to be posted early.* 

Account Profile
Customize your account in the new "Profile" menu when you upload a profile picture, jump between multiple accounts, and update your personal information. 

Easy access. Anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Chart your course in the all-NEW electronic banking with a little guidance: 

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I log in to the new Online Banking?

Logging in via a desktop computer is a simple and familiar path! Visit and tap the blue button in the upper-right corner labeled "Online Banking" and enter your username and password. Just like in the previous version, you'll then be prompted to answer a security question. The login in box looks new and modern but your login information hasn't changed.

If you've previously bookmarked the It'sMe247 Online Banking login page, your navigation path may need to be recharted. If you experience a broken link or other difficulty, simply delete the old bookmark,* then use the blue login button on the Service 1 FCU homepage to be redirected to the login area.

Pro tip: Use your existing username, password and security questions. When prompted to enter the answer to one of your three security questions, you will no longer have the option to "change question" in the event you've forgotten the answer. This is to increase security. If you do not remember the answer to the security question presented, choose the "Back" button, refresh the login page, and sign in again. One of your other security questions will be presented. For additional assistance, contact a Service 1 FCU Member Service Representative.

online banking login area illustration

The "Change question" option is removed in the updated It'sMe247 login process

→ → →

online banking login area illustration

*Using the most current internet browser version will ensure good functionality. Recommended browsers incliude Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Note: The popular Internet Explorer browser is no longer supported and users may encounter performance issues.

Will the Service 1 FCU mobile app on my phone or tablet update automatically?

How the Service 1 FCU app updates on your phone or other mobile device will vary based on your individual device settings. If the app doesn't update automatically, you will need to visit the app store on your phone to manually update it. 

For Apple devices, download from the App Store for iOS, and download from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Why am I seeing a "Change your password" warning when I log on?

When entering your password and/or security question to access the new It’sMe247 Online Banking, you may encounter a pop-up message similar to the one pictured below:

illustration of Chrome browser password warning

This does not mean that your account or password have been compromised and the message is not generated in It’sMe247 Online Banking. It originates in the internet browser Google Chrome, and features built-in functionality to intercept password fields and compare them against lists of compromised passwords from the dark web. 

There are many reasons why password fields are identified as such, including certain protections that web browsers and other devices provide for these specially-designated fields:

Predictive text: If a field is not a password field, the system will attempt to determine what you are trying to type, and could potentially display your security answer or password as a potential predictive answer, and/or store whatever you enter as a potential entry for future typing.

Copy/Paste: Password fields are protected from copy/paste, meaning that you cannot copy from a password-type field and paste that value to another application.

Other internet browsers, such as Microsoft Edge and Firefox, are working on similar functionality. Should you encounter a warning message of this type, you may want to consider changing your username(s) and password(s), making them more complex and less likely that they will match passwords being used elsewhere on the internet. For more information about internet safety, account credentials and identified passwords, visit the Google Chrome blog.

Can I still jump to my other membership(s)?

Yes! Click the new "Profile" button in the upper-right corner and choose "switch accounts."

Pro tip: Upload a unique profile picture to each of your memberships so that once you have jumped to another account, the image that shows for the "Profile" button gives you a clear view of the account you're viewing. Use the "Personal Info & Settings" feature on the profile menu, then click the camera button that appears next to the placeholder image at the top of the page. 

Can I search for transactions based on the amount or description? 

Yes! This is an exciting engancement made possible by the new mobile-first design. From the "Account Details" feature, use the "search transactions" box to enter an amount, part of the transaction description, a check number, or any other text that appears in the transaction list to find all matching items. For a more specific search, use the "Advanced" button to choose from a list of common transaction types, or specifiy a dollar amount range.

Pro tip: For a more quick, efficient process, the "search" feature is designed to start by looking through only the transactions that are currently being displayed (such as the 20 most recent). To search further back in your history, just click the "Load More Transactions" button. 

Example | we searched for all transactions containing "Panera" with a minimum amount of $1.00 and maximum of $37.00 per transaction:

illustration of transaction search

How can I find my pending debit card transactions in the new look?

These are now listed automatically at the top of the "Account Details" page above the actual posted transactions.

Pro tip: To navigate to the "Account Details" page from the home page, just click the account you want and choose "Account Details."  

It'sMe247 Online Banking Desktop Interface Mobile App for Smartphone or Tablet
illustration of account transactions illustration of account transactions on mobile phone

Will my direct deposit and ACH transactions still be set up?

All of your account settings—including automatic transfers, direct deposits, ACH (automated clearing house) transactions and more—will remain intact in It'sMe247 Online Banking no matter which device you use!

It's easier than ever to create new distributions or edit the ones you already have: Click on "Member Services" in the top menu bar, then navigate to "ACH Transactions" and follow the prompts. Alternatively, choose an account from the home screen, then use the flyout menu to select "ACH Transactions" for access to the same configuration area. Using your mobile device, tap "More" in the bottom right menu bar, then select "ACH Transactions" from the list.

Some electronic deposits will be available for early posting using the "Post Now" feature next to the deposit. Choosing an on-demand deposit will make the funds available for use immediately when the account has a sufficient balance to cover the nominal service fee.*

Pro tip: Set up account alerts to be delivered to your email or phone (or both) and get notified of specific account activity. Select a low balance alert, a notification for deposits, alerts for debit card transactions and so much more! 

*ACH on-demand convenience fee must be available in member account and cannot be deducted from the pending deposit. For complete details, visit the Electronic Banking page or contact Service 1 FCU at (800) 879.9697.

What are eNotices and why do I need them?

Receiving your account notices via email or in the It'sMe247 Online Banking Message Center is a quick and efficient way to monitor your account activity. Notices are generated for things like Share Certificates reaching maturity, Courtesy Pay activation, NSF/negative balance transactions and more. 

Opting to receive account notices in electronic form can help avoid service fees and uncomfortable situations by delivering important information much more quickly and efficiently than snail mail.

Pro tip: Simply navigate to "eAlerts & Text Notifications" in the left sidebar (desktop platform), click on "Create new eAlert," then choose the radio button for "Account eNotices" from the list of options, click the blue "Continue" button, and select how you'd like to receive your eNotice alerts in "Step 2 - Alert Destination."  Clicking "Add Alert" will save your preferences and you'll receive all notices electronically. You can also edit your existing alerts from in this area. From the "More" area in the mobile app, select "eAlert Subscriptions" and proceed as noted above.

BONUS: Opting into eNotices saves trees and postage, too!

Can I still view my account statements?

Absolutely! It's easier than ever to view and download or print up to 18 months of monthly account statements. Once you're signed in on your device, navigate to your electronic statements in one of two ways:

  • Desktop computer: Using the menu at the top of the page, select "Member Services," then click on "eStatements" under the "Documents" heading. Alternatively, use the quick-access menu on the left and choose from regular account statements, credit card statements or receipt analysis—a list of transactions performed with the assistance Member Service Representative. Update your enrollment status here, too.
  • Mobile web or app: Tap "More" in the bottom bar and select "eStatements" at the top of the list. Quickly and easily see the options available on the desktop environment with the exception of enrollment.

At the top of the page, find your most recent statements instead of searching a list!

Where can I find Online Bill Pay?

Access to free Online Bill Pay is simpler than ever! Click "Bill Pay" in the left menu on your desktop computer to get instant access to payment options, payees, scheduling tools and more. Bill Pay is also available by selecting "Pay & Transfer" in the top menu bar, then choosing "Bill Pay" beneath "Send Money." 

Using the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, tap the "Move Money" button in the footer bar and select "Bill Pay" from the list of options. 

Both environments also feature navigation to "Full-featured Bill Pay," where new billers can be configured and users can make person-to-person payments using the PopMoney feature.*

screen capture of online banking bill pay interface

Pro tip: PopMoney, used to send and receive payments from individuals rather than other financial institutions, is a service available for a nominal convenience fee. Please refer to the Online Bill Pay service or contact a Service 1 FCU representative for complete details.

Where is the "Pay My Loan" option in the mobile app? 

To make a payment on your Service 1 FCU loan with an external credit card or an account with another financial institution, navigate to the "Pay My Loan" option, which can be found by tapping the "Move Money" button or "More" menu within the Service 1 FCU mobile app.*

*Making a payment using the third-party payment service, ProPay, can be accessed using "Pay My Loan" in the Service 1 FCU mobile app or via the orange "Pay Online" button at A nominal convenience fee applies to each payment transaction. See Service 1 FCU for details and alternative payment options, including free Online Bill Pay in It'sMe247 Online Banking when you use your Service 1 FCU savings or checking account!

How can I see the available and actual balances for all accounts on one screen? 

For a quick view of the available and actual balances of all accounts, log in to It'sMe247 Online Banking for desktop and simply scroll to the bottom of your Favorite Accounts and choose the option: "See Full Account Summary"



Need navigation help?
There are a lot of exciting changes in It'sMe247 Online Banking and the Service 1 FCU mobile app! Should you come to a fork in the road and require assistance, our friendly, knowledgeable representatives are standing by to help you get back on track. Contact your local branch or the call center at (800) 879.9697. We're excited to be on the technology upgrade journey with you!

*ACH on-demand convenience fee must be available in member account and cannot be deducted from the pending deposit. For complete details, visit the Electronic Banking page or contact Service 1 FCU at (800) 879.9697.


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