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Welcome aboard...take flight for our 80th anniversary celebration!

We've been on a mission to help members soar since 1940. Thank you for allowing us to serve you for 80 high-flying years! To mark the milestone, we'll be giving back through a series of initiatives during the 8 days leading up to our August 7 birthday. Here's what to look for:

  • Random Acts of Kindness – All Service 1 FCU team members will come together to deliver 80 random acts of kindness (RAKs) in just 8 days; search the hashtag #80Acts8Days on social media for a daily dose of kindness!
  • Piggy Bank Scavenger Hunt – Hidden prizes in piggy banks? When pigs fly! At Service 1 FCU, that's exactly what they do! We're stuffing our cute, colorful plastic piggy banks with prize vouchers and hiding them out in the communities we serve. Follow us on social media for clues in order to be one of our lucky winners!
  • $80 Gift Card Giveaways – You could be the lucky winner of an $80 Visa gift card! Each day we'll give away multiple gift cards, surprising members in the drive-thru, in our lobbies, on the phone—the fun is in the surprise!
  • Grand Prize Package Giveaway – You could WIN the grand prize package that includes an Apple iPad tablet (retail value $329+)! All members will be entered into a random drawing to be held on Friday, August 7. There's no purchase necessary and nothing you need to do to enter...we'll draw a winner at random. It could be YOU!

Buckle up!

For information about giveways, RAKs, scavenger hunt clues and more, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter! We'll announce details daily to let you know how you can WIN! Be sure to come back and visit this page for winner information, photos, a list of RAKs and more.

Spreading kindness through RAKs: #80Acts8Days

For a daily dose of kindness, follow us on social media, then check back here for a list of RAKs:

  1. Donated clothes
  2. Distributed free beach toys (a youngster's idea!)
  3. Payed it backward with a coffee buy
  4. Surprise pizza lunch
  5. Decorated "sack supper" bags for Kid's Food Basket (non-profit)
  6. Gifted a train table for visits with granddaughter
  7. Randomly gifted a lottery ticket...hopefully a big winner!
  8. Flowers for the staff at Area Agency on Aging (non-profit)
  9. Hand sanitizer for postal carrier
  10. Free toys scattered about
  11. Lunch for a local business
  12. Mail carrier thank-you basket
  13. Sent cards to thank local EMTs
  14. Volunteered at the Muskegon Rescue Mission (non-profit)
  15. Wrote encouraging note to a local public service official for their community support during the pandemic
  16. Paid for another person's order at fast-food restaurant
  17. Mowed and cleaned up elderly neighbor's yard
  18. Donated items to Goodwill
  19. Donated food to the Muskegon Rescue Mission (non-profit)
  20. Donated to the Child Abuse Council of Muskegon County (non-profit)
  21. Purchased nail polish and gifted it to others
  22. Bought Amazon Lottery & Gifts spaces for others
  23. Won a prize through an online contest and gifted it to another participant
  24. Left a thank-you note on porch with a drink/snack for delivery driver
  25. Donated returnable cans to a school fundraiser
  26. Decorated KFB bags
  27. Brought fresh veggies from garden to daycare workers
  28. Sent a thoughtful card to neighbor whose wife is ill
  29. Donated $25/person to purchase back to school items for members in need
  30. Sent condolence card to member
  31. Brought change to a Service 1 FCU merchant who was running low on cash
  32. Assisted a child at the grocery store who was short cash for his purchase
  33. Brought change to a store struggling through the coin shortage
  34. Bought donuts local school staff and students
  35. Tipped the person bringing takeout           
  36. Sent a thank you card to a nurse/first responder
  37. Paid for another order in fast-food drive-thru
  38. Bought groceries for another patron
  39. Brought breakfast to church congregation
  40. Paid for another person in drive-thru (coffee, food)
  41. Left extra money at gas pump
  42. Left a five-star online review
  43. Surprised neighboring family w/dinner                                       
  44. Brought co-worker favorite pickle snack
  45. Paid for another person's order in drive-thru                                                                                                                 
  46. Treated office staff to lunch
  47. Donated blood                                                                                                                  
  48. Held the door open for someone
  49. Sent flowers to a friend
  50. Left a note in mailbox for mail carrier
  51. Bought coffee for team members
  52. Donated dog toys to the animal shelter
  53. Colored bags for Kid's Food Basket "Sack Suppers"  (non-profit)
  54. Left a thank-you note for mail carrier in mailbox
  55. Colored bags for Kids Food Basket
  56. Left notes to brighten the day of mail carrier and waste collector
  57. Donated clothes
  58. Let someone cut in line                                                                                                               
  59. Sent an email to coworker expressing gratitude
  60. Wrote/sent send cards to the elderly                                                                                                                     
  61. Surprised a coworker with lunch
  62. Decorated Kid's Food Basket "Sack Supper" bags
  63. Made sidewalk drawings for neighbors
  64. Painted rocks to leave on trail                                
  65. Gave window air conditioner to coworker                                                                                                                       
  66. Provided gift to homeless member
  67. Decorated Kid's Food Basket "Sack Supper" bags
  68. Coffee mug and gift card for mailman
  69. Bought donuts for coworkers     
  70. Decorated Kid's Food Basket "Sack Supper" bags (non-profit)
  71. Made treats for co-workers
  72. Treated friend to coffee
  73. Sent a card to someone that was missed
  74. Decorated Kid's Food Basket "Sack Supper" bags (non-profit)
  75. Donated clothes                                                                                                                          
  76. Brought water to construction workers
  77. Gave away a coffee mug gift                                                                           
  78. Donated books
  79. Left gifts on the doorsteps of 3 neighbors
  80. Card and gift card to sanitation worker
  81. Bought coffee for another drive-thru customer
  82. Gifted lottery ticket to cashier at gas station
  83. Wrote a five-star review
  84. Donated blood
  85. Brought snack basket to hospital staff 
  86. Prepaid in a vending machine                                                                                                                          
  87. Decorated Kid's Food Basket bags (non-profit)
  88. Decorated 750 bags for Kid's Food Basket (non-profit)
  89. Stamped Kid's Food Basket bags for others to color (non-profit)        
  90. Free toys left for others at area pool
  91. Delivered snacks to overnight worker                                                                                  

"When pigs fly!" scavenger hunt

Little piggies are hiding closeby, holding vouchers for sweet giveaways like Visa gift cards, bluetooth speakers, custom Yeti tumblers (30 oz!) and Service 1 FCU wearable merch! Like us on Facebook and check in daily to read the location clues. They may be hiding in plain sight in Muskegon (MI), Neosho (MO), and Mobile (AL)!

Some of the winners who helped the piggies find their way home are:

  • Sammy, of Muskegon MI
  • Shanna, of Muskegon MI
  • Autumn, of Neosho MO
  • Christina, of Muskegon MI
  • Cara, of Muskegon MI

Thank you to everyone who searched for the piggies and helped them find their way home. We hope you enjoy your prize!

Daily gift card giveaways

Each day we'll randomly award $80 Visa gift cards to members—it could be via the drive-through, the lobby, over the phone or even social media! Do your banking from August 3 through 7 for your chance to WIN! A grand prize winner will be randomly selected from all current members on Friday, August 7 and will be awarded an Apple iPad grand prize package!

Congratulations to the following daily Visa gift card winners:

  • Larry D., Neosho MO
  • Terry C., Shell Knob MO
  • Gina M., Shell Knob MO
  • Michael C., Neosho MO

See "ground rules" below for details.

The ground rules.

One prize per person. Please help us spread kindness and fun to as many members as possible; if you win a prize, your eligibility for additional prizes will be forfeited. ALL members, regardless of previous prize award, will be entered into the Grand Prize Apple iPad drawing. Piggy bank scavenger hunt is open to the community. No purchase necessary. Service 1 FCU will contact all prize winners by phone and/or email.


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